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Yo, long time listener, first time posting! This is my 3rd full season growing after taking a hiatus from herb while racing bikes professionally. I noticed this on a few buds last year at the end of the cycle and just thought maybe I accidentally got some pollen on it as I like to make my own seeds. Last season it was only on the top of a few colas, it looks like a bud that’s about to start making beans but never does. My friend just said its a sterile bud as it has zero hairs. This season I had a little volunteer from a dropped seed over the winter that sprouted in my native soil (granite with a 98% compaction rate). This has been one of my projects, to create my own heirloom that can handle my zone 9b and native soil with minimal inputs so I just let her roll as not many survive long in that soil. She was growing well then stunted as going into flower with half the plant looking to finish off faster than the rest. This I am assuming is due to a gopher that has been showing his face often. Then I noticed half of the buds have zero pistils and the rest are super frosty with a shit load of pistils. So my question is, Have you guys seen this before? What causes it? and can a female plant with buds be sterile as a few of my autos I have been working on don’t grow many pistils either?

One love,

Armstrong Canna Garden