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I have a question what causes males to be sterile? I’m growing in promix hp running canna line pH 5.8-6.0. Heats around high 70’s. It grew ballas everywhere and you would think id have pollen out the wazoo. I thumped it shook it even body slammed it (jk) and nada. I had two other males with it a gmo x mac, and a sundae driver x stardawg both powdering the whole tent but this one i had didnt which was a skunk1 x wedding cake x ogkb. The female of this did great but the male didn’t. Can ya help a brotha out, that shit drove me crazy i was hoping to get seeds but ended up with a fuckin dud. Anyhow love your show,  i watch you guys everyday keep the movement alive they cant stop us all. Live from lone star state