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Got 2 moms planted in fox farm ocean Forrest. Using 5 ml of Biobizz fish mix or grow with 200 to 250  ppm’s of botanicare cal-mag cause I run to RO water. I’m watering about every 3 days or once soil is dry. It’s only happing on two of my strains. the hellfire OG and best coast genetics Willow whack. I just hit them with Recharge and some tribus grow, cal-mag feed and it actually got worse. My pH is 6.7 in my soil and watering in at 6.5 to 6.6. I was leaning towards mag deficiency. It keeps happening about a month to 6 week in then if I repot it’s all good. It’s not root bound. I just want to know what I need to feed to fix it so I’m not battling it over and over again. I also use potassium bicarbonate as my pH up cause I get crazy swings with my ro water. last pic is just a pic of my recent harvest. thanks DGC happy growing guys!

The Kid