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I want to start with a big thanks for the pack of OG seeds I just won.  I also want to remember that I’m DGC, and I still want to stand for what I believe that is really is…still.  I’ve had some issues with some members over time, and I’ve made some really good friends, and I’ve even lost some as well.  This is life.  We are all not gonna get along.  I will say however that the community that we have is special.  I’ve heard this echoed over, and over during the past few yrs.  This comes from having a great bunch of people at the center, and throughout.  I’ve yet to make it to a cup, or a throwdown since I’ve been scraping by for yrs, and just can’t afford to.  Even still I’ve met 6 in person, and have plans to meet several more in the coming months.  I’m also introducing folks that are becoming new members.  I keep in contact with several DGC who’s face I’ve never seen even, but it still feels like close long time friends with several.  I had to shut down some random hater today when he decided to rag on the Crew!  That is how much I love being a member of the DGC.  Not because of many reasons which are bonuses to be truthful, but because of the sense of community that I have found that is built around the wonderful plant we all love so much.  I’ve played with the idea of a midwest DGC camp & cook out for a while now, but I need the DGC to back me.  I know there are many people that would come, and help lend a hand.  I don’t want outside help.  I don’t think we need anybody, but the DGC to make this happen, and it to be a great time for all!  No contest.  Just bring your dank, and good attitude.  I have found a location that we could all camp at that belongs to a DGC member, and it’s HUGE.  If we all pitch in, and make this just a good time to get to know each other in person, and smoke down together!  This is the element that I think might be missing a bit, and we are what we are because of the friendships we have made just like Scotty has said more than a few times.

I think thank there is already too much going on in 2019, but I’d love to see 2020 as the year that tons of us got together, and had a great time out in the woods.  This would give us plenty of time to prepare in ever way possible so we can have the kind of kick ass time I know the DGC is capable of!  I’d love to start the wheels in motion now so anybody has any ideas, or wants to help make this happen please DM me on IG if we are friends, and if not drop me a request, or email me basstransfusion@gmail.com if that works better for you.  If the heads of the crew aren’t up for it that is fine, and it will be kept small, but still rad as hell!  Spread the word, and mull it over y’all.

Thanks as always to Brett, Scotty, Sean, Jmystro, J.R., Pottsie, and everybody who helps out behind the scenes.

Also thanks to all my wonderful friends Im gonna try to get you all, and soo sorry to anybody I leave out it’s not because I don’t care I’m just a stoner is all!

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