grown in a 5 gallon fabric pot, living soil on its second run.  Gaia green 4-4-4 general purpose, 2-8-4 power bloom, superfly frass, worm castings, My Good Green Pro-Grow Bokashi. Top dressed monthly.  At day 89 today.

she has a wonderful funk to her and I’m excited to smoke her when she ready.   Plan on chopping tomorrow as the next generation needs the space…lol.

I grow in a 2×2 tent and I would have to say controlling the environment is not as hard as everyone says, I use a 6 inch exhaust and have a 4 inch intake.  All done in my bedroom closet.  I do have a 4 inch exhaust fan for the closet to aid in controlling the lung rooms temp. I use my Bavagreen 240w light which is hung corner to corner as it is a tad longer than the 2×2 tent is wide.  One of these days I may cut the bar so I have them a little better placed but so far it has been a rockstar.

Thanks DGC for all the knowledge you have shared and continue to share!  One dank crop after another since I started tuning in.