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What’s goin on Scotty, Dude, Guru and the DGC. I come today seeking advise about a new crop. My house was burglarized the Tuesday before thanksgiving. Along with some other things in the house they took my six living plants. ILGM’s gsc extreme, candy kush, x2 black widow, blackberry kush, and a strawberry cough and two hanging mars-hydro tsw2000w (left the hanging hooks) and took over half my seeds (all the ILGM mix packs I had). Thankfully they weren’t that bright and left all my other grow equipment (autopilot co2 monitor, x2 20lb co2 tanks with regulators, cloud line t6 fan, vivosun in-line 6” fan, x2 levoit humidifiers, 6k btu window a/c, all soil, nutrients, digital light timer, flood trays🤦🏼‍♂️, humidity controller, x4 hanging hooks (from Mars lights🤡) and a brand new  “KINGled” 300w blurple led from Amazon. Unknown to them and very stupid on their part they also didn’t touch the unopened box holding my hlg600r🤘🏽🙏🏽. So I have my complete grow minus two decent quality lights (3×6) flower space and six plants 2 weeks from flower. I’m attaching a picture of the seeds they graciously left for me, (mac, future#1, white runtz, seats taken (free from best coast genetics🤘🏽), incredible bulk, Dutch passion Durban poison, fruity crystal kush (super auto 110 days+). I’m now way behind schedule for when I intended to harvest. As a medical patient in commiefornia I can cultivate 12 plants. The hlg and blurple can flower 8×5 I’m assuming not 12 plants but def another six. What do you guys think I should cultivate this time. This is will be a 30-40 day veg from first node and 65 day harvest. I’m leaning towards the incredible bulk for the mass and yield but am excited to try this future one #1. Any advise for what might be best would be helpful. I use ffof soil, DtE neem, alfalfa, kelp meals, sea90 salt, Recharge, boogie grass, NftG nutes. I appreciate y’all and please remember you can never shoot an arrow if you never pull it back first.