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Hello stoner friends, I’ll get started right away. The drunk farmer says to his stoner wife “I’m going out to work in the barn.” The stone wife says “ha he’s going for a few drinks and putter about, ill smash a bowl and chill while he’s gone.” Hours later the wife calls out to the barn “your dinners ready ,it’s so good I hope you like it.” After the wife’s gone to bed , she can hear the drunk farmer storming about the kitchen. Drunk n talkin shit to himself  while eating, she thinks to herself ” I hope he likes it and eats it all” Then she hears him stumbling up the stairs and she say  from bed ” be careful , do you need help” He screams some blah blah drunk blabber and burst in the bedroom door, with a chicken under his arm and say ” this is the PIG I’ve been f#cking” The stoner wife laughs and says” that’s not a pig, it’s a Chicken ha ha haaaa” The drunks farmer says “I WAS TALKING TO THE CHICKEN.” I hope you all have a stoner partner, take care, take tokes and share some jokes. Pictures are of my 3rd run in doors , still in veg on my 4th run.