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My question is Breed twenty 20 genetics Mando Cookies flower time is 8 to 10 weeks. At week five every thing was looking very good and as I am a fairly new grower I did everything I could to get these girls grown with patience and the best accumulation of feeding ideas I could come up with. Production in the critical areas for terpines and suich just stopped entirely. Week five pictures look the same as week seven pictures, Nothing at all is happening every thing is like on hold and I don’t know why. I’ve heard a kazillion reasons but I need the best answers I can get. For months I have been nursing my girls along what I thought was the perfect path for a relatively good harvest. About two weeks ago my three plants decided to stop producing any new terpines and all the other pure gold that you would expect to be showing up under magnification. Nothing is happening me 100 times magnification and pictures are the exact same 15 days ago looks the same as today a perfect match what is happening what are my plants telling me? I am mindful of the projected finish dates for these mando cookies twenty 20 genetics. Help?