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hai DGC! Unfortunately my landlord has decided to sell their house. They will need to come and take pictures and tour potential buyers through the property. that being said i dont feel comfortable with all my shit being posted on the internet with an address attached to it. I had pH issues with one tent so had to delay flowering it. now i have 2 tents ready to flower and am forced to chop and drop (it sucks). i still haven’t come across stellar genetics so i’m not too concerned about saving anything. however i have invested ALOT in my soil. i was going to allow someone else to flower my plants out but am concerned about what they decide to feed and do (and the peeps i do trust dont do the bugs lol). it will be out of my control. that being said i have decided to air on the side of caution and put my stuff into storage mode. its still semi winter here with temps dropping below freezing each night. when i fire up the bags again i will order new beneficial bugs as i have no choice but to expose these bags to the outdoors. i have had nothing but issues with people constantly stealing my potters and other gardening stuff from my yard so i will not be putting these bags out for everyone to take. i will be storing them in the garage for now i guess. i know the best storage practice is to have them outside with a cover crop getting watered but this scenario is not allowing that.

Should i just let them dry out and stay that way until i wake up the biology when im ready to go again? Should i tarp it and keep them in the dark or expose them to what very little light is in there? Is there a particular place you would store it to allow native micro organisms to populate? Is storage in the garage even a good idea? or should i figure out someone who has space in a secure yard? Any advice is welcomed. thanks dudes and dudettes!