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Hello DGC!

I was looking at some breeders and had a question about strain make up.

So for example, Dominion Seed Company – Polecat 91 BX

“Chemdog91 x SSSC Skunk 1” x (“Chemdog91 x SSSC Skunk 1” x “Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk 1”)

For the first part of this strain cross, is it the offspring of a Chemdog91 x SSSC Skunk 1? that is being crossed?

For the second part of the cross in ( ) is it a chemdog x sssc skunk offspring crossed to a skelly hashpant x sssc skunk offspring?

Follow up question. Another breeder lists his strain genetics as being: Hells Angel OG x Sour Diesel IBL x Jungle Kush

Does this mean it is a hells angel og crossed to a sour d ibl and that offspring was then crossed to a jungle kush?

Thanks for the knowledge.