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So to my issue…I currently have 8 desert secret x sour tangie girls in flower right now, every two weeks I put two more in the room from my veg room for a perpetual grow. The plants on week 5, however are showing strong signs of tacoing /canoeing and have very slow bud formation. Temps are 84-75 , humidity 60-50, pH right around 6. I’m using a 600 watt air cooled hps about 24″ away from the canopy so I don’t believe its light stress but I have dimmed my light to 400 watts…the thing is, now my girls from week 4 are starting to taco as well…. ANY ADVICE IS MUCH APPRECIATED I’m losing sleep guys.

Feeding with advanced nutrients a&b bloom pH balanced
Along with some mammoth p and bud factor x but have given strictly ro water the past week in Hope’s to fix this issue with no success.