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Hey Scotty, Dude and all the DGC,

I have been dealing with ADHD all my life without being diagnosed.  More recently I was prescribed Adderol and like that it helps me concentrate, but HATE that it makes me concentrate. LOL. My biggest problem with ADHD is my mouth!!!! Just like my ADHD brain my mouth goes 100 mph (160 kph for our northern growers). I really just want a strain that will help with my mouth and relax me. Due to ADHD coffee has the opposite effect on me. Most stimulants calm me down though calm is a very subjective term when it comes to ADHD. A GG#4 I tried helped me one time to fully relax mind and body, but another GG#4 I tried more recently did nothing to relax me or my mind. I’m just looking on growing my own medicine.

To all the DGC and especially those with ADHD, what strains have helped to relax your brain and/or mouths?