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Good afternoon DGC!

This morning I saw some strange crystals on my plant and I don’t think it was Tinkerbell farting in the tent. I have looked at it under a loupe and a 120x microscope and have confirmed it is not an insect.

It looks like a spore and it is very flaky (comes off easily with a needle) and is easily removed. I researched PM but everything I see is a full blown PM attack, nothing like this.

My grow environment:

3×3, hlg 550 rspec, humidifier, dehumidifier, 5 gal fabric pot, ipm yellow sticky cards and fly tape hanging

day temps are 83f, 62%rh, vpd 1.2

night temps are 73f, 67%rh, vpd 1.0

plant is growers choice gorilla glue auto,  week 5 of flower grown in coco loco, gh flora trio, liquid kool bloom, mammoth p, cal-mag, and recharge.

pH is 5.9 and ppm is 750. I flush every 3rd watering.

I’ve tried to be as explicit as possible and I thank you for any help. Thanks