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Hey crew uncle luke here

just want to thank all of you for all you do for the DGC and the community as a whole!

enough ball polishing lets git to it, lol here’s my first grow dot run using the original formula, tupor coco and harvest hero, perlite Recharge, botanicare c/m slf 100, mammoth P, winters frost. she is 62 days from seed ,an will be chopped in 8 days. this is also my first main line attempt. thinking i should have done it on a photo? buds are dense and frosty as hell, has a sweet funk smell. i also was playing with the blumats original worked well. will be great for little trips. thats all i got till the orangasm is done bout 5 weeks from now! also shout out to DUDE for his review of orangasm as he toked..took me a yr to get them, also shout out to RASTA JEFF for the secret stash hook up!

see ya in the discord

oh PS

Recharge is bringing the dank to the veggies!