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Wuddup DGC – first off huge thanks to the crew for answering my last grow talk question about my pheno differences.

Today is week 2 of stretch, day one.  My plants are actually looking pretty good, new growth comes in healthy and without the same brown spots I was seeing on older leaves. Is there any insight as to what might cause random brown spotting? I attached a couple pictures to show what I mean.

I also have a general grow question about main lining. Why is this such a common practice? And doesn’t stripping so much biomass run the risk of herming the plant? I see a lot of people do it and it looks like they get trunk-size stems from it, but I imagine there’s a draw back. I’ve heard you guys touch on mainlining before, but I haven’t come across an episode going into the details. Any/all info is appreciated, as always! (See last pic)