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After years of growing and slowly improving my equipment I finally have something I feel good about posting onto dank nugs. First off I want to thank the DGC for all of the information that y’all have shared over the years.

This is Strawberry Glue by T.H.Seeds that I picked up from Seeds Here Now. Flowered under a HLG 300L Rspec, in coco, GH flora trio, Optic Foliar in veg and early flower, Recharge, with a 5 gal fabric pot in a 2×4 tent.

I didn’t originally plan on filling a 2×4 tent with one plant, but I grew an auto next to her and couldn’t the light schedule till that one was done.  Regardless she’s a gorgeous plant and these genetics were a blast to grow from start to finish.

Again thank you to The Dude, Scotty, and Guru, and all the rest of the crew. Stay high and grow on!