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Hey DGC, I know many of you have been making your own seeds out there. Some of the crosses are winners, something you may even want to breed with once you lock down homo and heterozygous traits. My question to ya’ll is when you run some testers from a batch (which any breeder 100% needs to be doing, if you are a real breeder) how are you guys and gals going about trying to herm / stress your plants? Only breed with stable stuff, so how have you been abusing them to be sure you are passing on good genetics?

DGC seems to agree light leaks in flower are a good way to cause problems. I’ve tried a schedule of normal 12/12 for 3 days and then 24 lights. Do another 3-4 days of 12/12 and then another round of 24 hour lights to see if I can get them to herm. Another thing I will try is letting the tent get into the upper 80’s.

Any other ways or methods you folks are using?