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What’s up DGC! Been a while since I’ve posted, just been busy and creeping the talk when I can. But so if y’all remember, I asked what to do to improve my grow a while back and I applied everything the Dude, Scotty, and Guru threw out there along with the help from the community. I defoliated, started my silica, and hung my C02 bags up top as well as moved my photos to a tent so the autos could spread into flower. Well my girls have taken off and are doing well but even though they’re all the same strain and genetics, many are much further along than others and some simply won’t stop stretching! Some are almost 4 feet tall lol many people say not to top autos but I will definitely be in the future. I was just wondering if my light schedule of a steady 18-6 is simply fooling them into still wanting to veg cause some are barely into flower and have been the same for almost 2 weeks. I’ve cut back the schedule to 16-8 in hopes of forcing them to flower harder, I’m on day 53 now. Also I know many people say to be very cautious defoliating autos but they’ve come back and are so bushy that many bud sights are crowded or covered so I’ll be doing that later cautiously but does anyone have input on lolipopping autos? My girls have been really hearty and I think they could take it but I don’t want to stress them hard in mid flower.( not worried about the ones in early flower) As always, much love DGC community and thanks for all the input on the show and last post! Totally made my year. lol