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Hey DGC, finally getting around to sharing some bud pictures. These are from raw genetics, Cookies and Cream X French Toast. Grown under one 1k hortilux DE and one 600w Platinum LED. 9x8x8 grow room space. H&G nutes along with some key enzymes and microbes. Grown in coco coir. Scored these beans through the dude and the hunt started. 5 males and 5 females back in january 19. Now have it down to two phenos. Running them for the last time (third time) and will make my decision on the keeper. Pure Key Lime gas is the nose on this lady, heavy buds on thin stems, needs support on all buds. Stacks well with resin starting as early as week 2 and doesn’t stop.  Will have some other pictures of some Grease Monkey and Locomotion to come in the future. About to pop some beans from ethos. Some Mandarine Jack. HAPPY GROWING