Hey fellers it’s me again. My last post I was ready to through autos under the bus and start photos. While I’m trying some photos I still want to try autos. The reason being I’m having terrible luck with stunted autos like 1 out of 3. So I made an observation tonight, my 3 gallon plants look good and my 5 gallons contain the stunted plants. Some 5 gallon plants are okay but a large portion contain the minis. I believe this clue means I suck at watering? I have been misting to top of the soil about daily with a pump sprayer until they move to the flower tent about week 3. I can tell by week 2 when they’re going to be little soil wasters. I’m convinced I’m overwatering early on and causing my own problems. Any advice on better watering practices will be appreciated!? And am I correct in my analogy?
Thanks DGC!