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So I started 4 seeds the other day in my very first indoor grow setup and any grow at all in fact (cherry poppin lol). 2 Watermelon Zkittlez and 2 Strawberry Lemonades. All planted in Gaia green living soil, added worm casting and some veg nuts to soil and started seeds in soil. Watered with a very small amount of properly measured water with microbial mass. the 2 watermelon sprouted in 48 hours and the 2 strawberry spouted roughly 48 to 72 hours after the watermelon. Put them in my 4×4 tent with HLG 650 diablo light @ 24 inches about pots and have at the lowest setting of 60W. I have given 4 Tbl spoons of pH corrected water to all and keep heat at 68 to 70 degrees and humidity is holding at 50%. but one watermelon and one strawberry are just staying at small 1″ height well the other water melon and strawberry are going great and at about 3 inches. they look to be in good health but dont know why they are stalling.