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Hey fellas, thanks for all the great information you guys share. I set up a couple 3×5 rooms in the garage to see what I could get. Everything I know about growing cannabis came from YouTube. Mr Canuck, Jeremy Silva, and Mr. Growit would play on my TV anytime I was home. Used craft blend, flower girl, worm castings and some lava rock mixed into used coco. Made an attempt at vpd range throughout grow. Watered with oxygenated water, that sometimes pH adjusted to 8.5. kept them most. Lit the rooms with tsl3000s, kept the air moving with a few fans each room. Window AC to beat the central valley heat. the plants must have been happy because they gave me about 9oz of beautiful, sticky, smelly flower. I finished 5 Sugar Pine, and one Gelato 41 bag seeds in 7.5 gallon plastic pots for 72days, dried in the same room for 14 days at 70°F 60%rh. I think I found a good starting point. I just found the DGC a couple weeks ago and look forward to learning with you guys for a long time to come. Thanks again