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I am setting up a grow room with 2 4×4 tents. Each tent has four 15 gallon living soil pots, 15 gal Blumat kits for each pot, and 5 gallon reservoirs for each tent.  I also have a 55 gallon drum that I want to use as a reservoir for the other two.

Long term I would like to be able to do the following things with the reservoir.

  • Press a button to automatically take water from the larger tank to the smaller tanks.
  • Overflow protection for all tanks (from hose to 55 gallon and from 55 gallon to 5 gallon).
  • Make (or buy) a pond pump to sprayer setup for watering seedlings.

I have seen many videos and pictures of these setups, but I haven’t found any good details or instructions for setting them up. Has my google fu failed me or are there really not any good instructions out there for these? Maybe something for the growlab?