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Hey Dude,

Heard you say on the last show that you dont grow in the Canadian summer cause its too hot. It got me wondering what exactly you mean with that, and thought of asking what did you rally mean? Considering I’m in a sub-tropical region, warm summer is what I only have about half of the year, I totally adapted to growing at temperatures averaging the 88ºF we just had today. In my opinion warm temperatures are ideal to grow sativa hybrids, that can adapt easy to the heat, and can be harvested anywhere around 63 days. Right now I’m at end of week 6 of a green crack 60% sativa hybrid, that its shinning in the garden with only organic amendments I give her, and two hours of direct sunlight in the morning and two more at the end of the day in the balcony light-dep system I have. Not only the growing is fun, the plants grow really fast, but also the high of sativa plants is really good too. Forgive me for any mistakes, not only its not my native language, but I’m “Friday high” after vaporizing another great sativa hybrid plant.

Much thanks for the great show!