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First glad to be a new member and learning much from your content so far, thank you.
Medical Patient in the Michigan MMP
To be short I have a few grows experience using mostly HPS.
A couple of years ago I came across a good deal (retail was 1300$!!a piece) on two Sun System LEC Grow Beast systems as I was really wanting to try CMH.
These hoods if unfamiliar have two fully contained LED 315’s on each end and a DE receptacle and hood in the middle between the two all in one. Basically a LEC 630 with a DE hood in between.
Thought was a great idea but in science maybe not with differing light intensities between CMH and HPS and canopy distance.
Finally have new home purchase which will allow me to have an open book to build and wanting to use these units just stuct on what size rooms to accommodate them and how to arrange.
The 315 I believe has a 3×3 0r 4×4 dispersion per side and was leaning towards a selectable wattage ballast for the DE? Also thought of just running the double 315 in each unit without using the center DE hood.
Lastly I have ran a veg cycle with one unit LEC only and had no heat issues at all but that would be a consideration as this unit cannot be vented and I would at some point like to try using supplemental gases.
Hope that is understandable lol
Would really appreciate any feedback and ideas you would be able to share.