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Whats up DGC!!

First off shout out to Scotty, what’s up man! Been a loyal Recharger for a while now, the stuff works.

Anyways, this is my Sundae Punch. Grown in a 3 gal. In a 50/50 mix of  Box farm Cocoa loco and Great Lakes water only soil. Added in Mycos and Recharge for that extra umph! No extra nutes in veg just Recharge, Ruby Fulvic and carbonaria, shout out to Jerin and New Millenium!

In flower i switched to fox farms 3 part granuals the open seseme, beasty blooms and cha -ching. One application of Decision from new mil in the first week and 3 doses of winter frost at the end. Ruby fulvic carbonaria and recharge the whole way through.

Lights are 4x 240w Sunraise, one more week shud do!! Cant wait! Thanks you guys for all the great content and info, couldn’t have done it without y’all!!