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Over the cyber monday madness I made the decision to bite the bullet and start buying stuff for my first grow. I am in prohibition land so I’m still kind of sketched out about to whole thing (with having to order things online). But anyways I went ahead and purchased a 4×4 gorilla tent and a hlg-600h. Really and truly I hope I got the right light for the size of the tent. I planned on using radicle bags with the 3 gallon pots for getting the girls going and then transplant into 7 gal or 10 gal bags. I also planned on using the no-till mix from buildasoil. Getting a 6″ ac Infinity fan with a carbon as well. I know I need oscillating fans for inside the tent and humidifier, dehumidifier, stuff like that. But what do I really need? I’m just starting out and planned on doing 4 plants. I want to make sure I do it right the first time. If anyone has some input (maybe a book the can write me) on what to do please help! Thanks DGC!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far with the “thrown together” grow!