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I’ve had 2 VERY successful runs with environmental factors way off normal. During weeks #2-6 post flip, I’m running ~90+ degrees air/ ~4-5 degrees cooler leaves / ~60% rh / CO2 ~1000-1400, with lots of air movement. I’ve been shooting for ~ 1.2-1.6 VPD until finishing, then cooling off the last week. Results have been fantastic, minor stress at times but no indications of botrytis, PowderyM, or airy buds. Massive watering & feeds necessary, soil watered daily but near dry feet by days end. It’s like the **bleepn** plants are on steroids – crazy growth & health.

I can’t find any resources supporting my results with extreme condition grows.  All indications are that such an environment should be problematic. Knowledge shared is welcome.

Great site, please excuse me if this post belongs in the Blog section.  Thanks