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Wuddup DGC,

let me start off by saying, I am skeptical that what this breeder claims this cross is, is actually what they claim. Super Silver Haze x Cherry Pie…. Legendary…. This, along with many of his other breeding projects have gnarly crosses but the quality, not so legendary. They have a lot of gnarly crosses that don’t seem to make sense but are huge legendary names. Most seem to herm and NANNER out. Can’t be mad though because they are technically “testers” but me along with many others apparently don’t believe what they’re selling. Anyway, having said that. This plant is starting week 8 of flower. We’re talking actual flower time, time from when it was flipped NOT when you start seeing pistils. which I don’t know when half the cannabis community started counting that as the beginning of flower but it’s not lol Just like my Maui Wowie in the same tent I used the “Earth Dust” from The Green Sunshine Company base I cooked with happy frog for 6 weeks, added the boost 30 days before flower. Then late with the top dressing after flower I was supposed to do 30 days after I flip to flower but got it in last week. It’s not a big yielder, which could 100% be my fault. It’s seriously lacking trichome count but i do have hope for the quality of the medicine. The aroma is super sour and you may think I’m crazy but I can just feel the vibes from this plant and it’s good. It’s gonna be decent meds even if it isn’t the crosses what this breeder claims it is, that’s all that matters though right? Who cares if it’s called “Jimmie’s nut sack” …. I gave it recharge once a week with an occasional banana tea. I’m having a hard time registering when to harvest this plant. Can’t really read the extremely small lacking amount of trichomes with my jewelers loop and the one cross is a 8-9 week strain and the other is a 9-11 week strain. Debating just harvesting this and my Maui a bit early because of the lack of yield and my veg tent is a well below par blurple cob light and would probably be better off putting my good light in my flower tent in my veg tent to the up and coming girls with potential. Thanks for all the help growmies, got mad growers love for the DGC and looking forward and sharing future grows with you all and you all can see my medicine growing abilities develop and y’all can look back and say remember that low ass yielding super silver cherry pie shit you used to produce and just laugh ha one day…..