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Hey everyone ,

First time posting, been watching for about 2 years now. You have made my journey into the legal Canadian cannabis culture too amazing and easy. After having a few successful grows I’m now looking into super soil beds. Basically my set up is a 8×12 room with ac and dehumidifier, I’m looking into co2 now. Growing in 75% coco 25% pro mix, worm castings pyroclay ( silicates) and perlite. I got the mix from a episode with Remo! And I use Remo’s currently. Was thinking 2 4X8, beds and I’m currently using 4x630w cmh pulling around 1000g a light. I’m vegging giant plants right now. One plant under each light Scrogged to shit. Recently watched the Tanasi episode and went and watched his super soil video. Was wondering with super soil how do you know when to top dress? And with that can it be no till? I want to be efficient as possible. Looking for any advise on how to maintain super soil after you mix and let it bake. There is so much different information out there I tend to not trust anything I read but do believe in you guys. Look forward to hearing from anyone! Here are some pics from my first and second legal grow ! Some glueberry OG auto and some purpled out pure kush.