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Hey guys and gals, right now these are sitting in 1 gal. Under a rapid 2×2 LED. Sitting in fox farms ocean Forrest. I’m switching to organics (thanks dude), my plan is to veg them for 4 weeks in FFOF soil, water only plus recharge once a week, then transplant to 7 gal. I mixed up subs supersoil and been cooking for 3 months.
My new grow area will be ready next week and that’s when I plan to transplant.
These are starting to look like they might need nitrogen, I hadn’t planned on feeding any synthetic nutes, but I’m concerned that they could run out of gas before they reach the super soil? I could take them out of the 1 gal and add supersoil to the existing 1 gal as I underfilled them to begin with or should I just let them ride?
The second photo is an Afghani reg. at 25 days. On day 12 temps were @91° which resulted in some twisting and tacoing… The new growth is looking the same as the problematic leaves, I’m not sure if this is strain related, environment, or what? Other than water and recharge, I’ve been spraying an optic foliar feed once a week. Thanks DGC!