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It’s me again, back with another grow question. Also, For clarities sake, my username is a reference from a Biggie song that I used as a gamertag back on the xbox 360, and its just stuck ever since.

My question is about supplemental light. I’m running a 480w Quantum Board w/LM301H & CREE xpe2 660nm, which supplies adequate lighting of course for my 4x4x7 Gorilla Grow, But I’ve been curious about supplementing  a bit in the flower period, just to put the finishing touches on. There are two types of supplemental lighting I’m curious about, Far Red lighting, and UV Lighting.

With the far red lighting, from what I have read, running them 15 minutes before and after your lights, helps wake up and put the plant to sleep quicker so it can spend more time absorbing energy and nutrients. I’ve also seen some growers who will run extra light time when doing this, not sure if there is any benefit there.

Now with UV, I’m not nearly as exited to try simply because I rarely see people using it, But I found a guy on YouTube, I think his name was Dutchman medical or something similar, and he ran extensive testing and side by sides, and when he introduced UV lighting for 2 weeks towards the end of flower, the plants/colas that received UV lighting, tested anywhere from 2% – 5% THC. He says this is because the plant uses the trichomes to protect itself from the UV lighting, increasing production. Now, I am not one of those guys that usually even pays a whole lot of attention to THC levels because of a multitude of reasons, but most of those reasons are removed when I am growing my own, My biggest concern in doing this, would this have any negative effect on the terpenes at all? If its a trade-off between terps and THC, I would rather not mess with the UV, but if it’s possible to increase THC leaves while everything else stays the same, I don’t see why not.

Thanks again for the answer, you guys are the best, and I push your Recharge HARD to anyone I know who grows!