You Make This All Possible.

 As a DGC Producer, you are the core of our community! Without you, there is no DGC.

Your engagement keeps us going. Your activity keeps the community thriving. Your support keeps the lights on and the studios buzzing. Let’s continue to fight prohibition, stand for growers’ rights, and help each other grow the DANK!

Dude, Scotty, Guru, Banner, and the Bakery Boys!

As a way to say “Thank You”, we like to give back to the Producers in the DGC.

When you join us on Patreon, you get exclusive access to a bunch of extra goodies, including the cool stuff listed below.


Access to Member Only Content & DGC Discord

Enjoy some preshow hangs,  get grower help from the DGC Discord community, &  exclusive growtalk discussions every Friday at 4:20 PST during the ‘DGC 420 Happy Hour Show’ on Discord.


Ready to grow! Check out this grower set up.

Enter to win by commenting on the this post: DGC Hook Up Outfitted AC Infinty 4×3


Free Seeds are provided by Seeds Here Now

  • Currently offering — seeds from Best Coast Genetics
  • One 5-pack of regular seeds
  • Strain to be chosen by SHN Distribution based on what is in stock
  • Limit one per customer
  • PLEASE NOTE: Customer is responsible for shipping cost usually $10 on USA orders.


You will get one of: Fruit-Tella, Lemon Extract, Seats Taken, Wilkos Whack, Sour Sunshine, Magpie, Sour Hebrew National, Mercury Rising All of these packs are THC not CBD!!


Because Canada is awesome, and allows unfettered shipping of cannabis in the mail, The Dude will personally send out your seeds so you can avoid the expensive import / shipping costs to Canada when ordering from Seeds Here Now. You can, if you like, certainly order from SHN and pay shipping if you like! Free Seeds from The Dude

  • One pack of awesome seeds
  • Shipped by The Dude personally with your DGC Welcome Kit
  • Strain to be chosen by The Dude based on what is in stock
  • Limit one per customer – only for NEW Patrons as of November 2020

Realgrowers Recharge


Take 30% off Recharge 8oz, 16oz, 5lb, or even a 25lb tub for the heavy hitters.


Take 20% off Recharge 8oz bag.


Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer the discount outside of the USA and CANADA at this time

Again, thank you for all you do for the DGC.

We couldn’t make it happen without you.

Cannabis culture seems to be under attack from all angles.  Established players in Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Ag all want to come in and take over.

Social media like YouTube and Instagram are always banning and shutting down cannabis content. Forget about trying to get monetized on any of those platforms.

We invest a lot into creating a space for growers to come together and help each other learn and grow. And all that hard work amounts to nothing without you there, to actually make it a community.

So, thank you.

If you want to ensure the continuation of what we’re doing, and you want access to the stuff we can’t put YouTube, for obvious reasons, become a Patron Producer.

You’ll get access to all the Patreon-Only content we’re creating.

You’ll get a bunch of sweet bonuses, like the ones listed above.

And you’ll know that when it mattered most to keep this movement alive, you were there to make it possible.