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First off we can’t say enough about how awesome you guys are. The wealth of knowledge is overwhelming. PLUS! We had some questions about our account status because we thought something had gotten screwed up. Lo and behold who’s on the phone?! IT’S DUDE! We’re still a little struck. 🤣

My first real question is: Should we have put the mini split outside the room? The room is in the garage. We live in the south west. It gets HOT during summer. Should we have conditioned the “lung” that IS the garage or do you think it’ll work the way we currently have it? Opinions on carbon filter/exhaust placement in relation to the Mini-split?
Second question: New seedlings are about 3 days out of soil. A week since germination. The lights specify that 30″ from plant canopy to the light should be between 400-500ppfd. We need to get a light meter to check our equipment. I wonder if they are all stretching too much to start though? Am I within the proper PPFD levels? (Assuming the light is functioning according to spec) Room stays between 78-84 degrees F. And 35%-45% humidity Thoughts?
SO! We got bored and decided to take the plunge and start building… 7.5’×7.5′ room in the garage. 1 ton Trane/Mitsubishi mini split heat pump/dehumidifier. AC Infinity T6 with carbon filter and controller. (Filtered intake coming soon) And a couple fans for cross breeze. Probably get a couple extra six inch oscillating wall hangers later. 2 Vivosun 1200w cre cob led lights (for now) 18/6 light schedule. 5 gal radical bags. Strawberry fields soil. The seedlings are in a coco medium off of the soil to start. The two larger plants were basically experiments to get us going and figure out our environment and practice a little LST. They were bag seeds from a friend but both turned out female and STRONG! (Homer Simpson WOOHOO!) We’ve more than likely stressed the bejesus out of these things with the construction project but they just keep vegging out! Photo plants are great!
The fresh seedlings are 4 Rhino Ryder fem autos. 2 Cream and 2 Magpie. Our nutrients are in the pictures. We purchased these nutes for peppers and such but It seems to be working well so far for the bud plants. Definitely gonna get that RECHARGE later, don’t you worry! Thank you all so much! Can’t get enough of the show fellas! Keep doin what you do! We’ll send an update when we’re crankin’ out the dank budz! Much love! -BabyGrowda- & -Friends-