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Been doing more reading about drying and curing lately and have come across the idea of sweating your cannabis by using heavy duty paper bags one over the other to make a kind of box. You’d fill this about 3/4 of the way with freshly dried but not cured bud that’s been final trimmed but left on branch sections according to most of the articles I’ve found. They say leave the bag sealed for twelve hours then essentially burn the bag and rotate. Cycling this process for a few times until they seem jar ready or in my case grove bag. A lot of people swear by doing this before moving on to the actual curing process. My question is what are you guys thoughts. Have you heard of this? Is this a legitimate step? Good and bad associated with this. The thought being that it helps draw out excess moisture from bigger buds and even out the moisture of everything so like curing just not in an air tight container. It’s advertised not as a trick to dry bud faster but as a crucial step in between drying and curing. Thanks in advance for any help. And for funsies including a pic of my baby pineapple muffin plant from this harvest. If you want to check an article out here’s a link.

i found similar information from allot of different sources the one on the grove bags site is one of the best well written examples I found.