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Hey guys so I’ve just about completed my 2nd of my first 2 runs they wernt bad but not amazing either had a bit of trouble with the summer heat and my location on the first one anyway point I’m getting at start having pH lockout and nutrient buildup in my soil with the 2 supersoils I’ve been mixing and wsnt to start knowing exactly what I’m putting in and to have to water more often coco seems best for the my local shop can’t get canna but can get mother earth I believe it’s called otherwise looks like I could have it shipped for $38 a bag for canna but secondly I’m thinking of using rx green solutions grow a/b as well as bloom and energy, bulk (both of which I’ve used on my super soil runs, axiom as a foliar also interested in trying optic foliar out at some point there overgrow looks nice and for microbes I’d be using mammoth p and recharge is there anything else I should be adding to this? Maybe silica, cal mag, or fish maybe? Rather new to it all in general I flower in 5 gallon smart pots in a 5×5 under a 1000w hps. Also I’ve heard about mixing 50/50 coco and ocean forest what are yours thoughts on that? I’m worried that would affect me having full control of what they are getting and feeding a on a regular schedule, also considering the idea of a 70/30 coco perlite mix. Thank you for your help dgc