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Hello DGC, found your show a few weeks ago and have listened to most of the grow talks already.

Long time outdoor grower, first time indoor. I recently got my power bill for my first months grow and needless to say the old lady is not happy.  I have 2 3X3 tents [One budget LED, one 600w HPS].  I have been looking into changing the HPS tent into a LED tent as well.

Looking at the Rapid LED chilled logic pucks, although they are expensive so looking at some other entry level options as well. I was curious though how many pucks would you recommend for a 3X3 and how much of savings in power I could expect from this set up compared to my 600w HPS.

Thanks for any help DGC

P.S: Gave the ladies their first feeding of recharge earlier this week and they loved it!