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Hey guys really quick (ques tea on) as dude would say it ) question. I am guilty of a synganic style of a grow. I do top dress and Always water from the top down. i recently was in a hurry so i just set them all in totes and watered them heavy on bottom and let them suck up the water opposed to being drowned by the water. I’m not sure but i think that they are growing better I’m in week six of flower and nothing has changed in my style other than this one thing and i think its making a big noticeable difference. i still water from top every other watering so I’m stuck in the back and forth zone but please any one ever notice this or have knowledge i would love to hear it. thank you for you time and have a happy fourth of July . also to the people who comment back thank you as well for all the knowledge you help with as well. now party on Wayne !!!