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I have been growing many years, and I have never seen this before. I have a 3′ by 6′ bed and 1/2 is a peat mix that’s been grown in 2 times before. I always amend the soil some between grows.  I added two bags of fox farm, 1 bag of worm castings, 2 bags of brown cow manure and 1 bag of mushroom compost. A 3 tbsp scoop of Dr.Earth microbe fertilizer, 2 scoops of store bought chicken manure, and as I mixed it all up, I moisturized the soil completely in layers as I mixed it together. Then I added straw mulch on top of soil. I’ve never prepared the soil so well, normally just toss in peat and perlite and not much else. I’m not Sure if I might be overwatering. I use rainwater for my water, that runs at 6.5 pH almost always. This has hit almost all plants in that room that are on week 2 of bloom. I’ve split the swollen parts and don’t see any activity under a microscope. Any thoughts?