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Good Day Everyone,

Firstly.. I have been digging the show’s new format lately. I like Grow Talk on the weekend. I cant get enough DudeGrows! So, I have been wanting to bring this up and think it might be a good time. “Synganics” as the Dude would call it is my topic for the DGC to ponder on.. So stay with my high mind if you can.. I grow in a 2×4 “notill” bed inside my 2×4 tent. So far I dig it and my soil is actually on its third round. All I do to keep my soil happy is top dress with guanos and homemade worm castings. Sounds good right? So here is my question. With ReCharge and Bottle Nutrients on hand I have been thinking about the Biology and how to use some of my tasty treats in my “notill” setup to get my “Synganics” rocking. Here is the idea… Given that I use my worms to make my worm food into plant food. By nature they turn it all into rich castings that are plant available. Now I want to do the same with my ReCharge instead of worms. Guru, can you drop some science about how ReCharge reacts with Bottle Nutes. I know its been talked about before but I am talking about using enough ReCharge to counteract the killing off of microbes and soil life. Like using quarter strength nutrients and mixing in enough ReCharge to allow for the bacteria colonies to eat the salts and die and then the second wave eats the dead bacteria to further process the salts. The only way I have been able to tell if the ReCharge is still thriving is to look for foam. I know as long as there is foam the bacteria is breathing. So… Does this idea of “Synganics” make more sense when mixing “No-Spill” and “No-Till”? I would worry about the Mycorrhiza and other beneficial bacteria in my soil but if watering in ReCharge, that has been feeding on itself, after feeding on bottle nutes, is there enough harmful salt in the mix? Are you left with a “Synganic” Tea if you will?

Also, side note I am not talking about base nutes or a feeding cart. I am talking about the tasty additives like New Mill Frost and Remo’s VeloKelp. Im sure if you use plant based nutes like Bio Biz and Veganics there would be a difference as well. Perhaps its all the same thing in the end… What do you all think DGC?