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Oh boy people…. let me lay it out and you tell me. Get clones from buddy at same time as buying some in ca.   Get home find russet mites on both. Who’s to blame? Dark Heart or B Dogger? I had given him half of the DH, so we both now have both strains. I blame him of course. So I threw his all out immediately and started cleaning . I did not chuck the DH.  He tells me I’m nuts and that we don’t have bugs. I did send him a video of one very active little fuckwad. So I keep up on all my cleaning , spraying. I did put a DH flower. I had to as that needed to be tested out. So here we are out in the garden and I am explain russet mites to a full time grower of 18 years. Yes. I know. But I don’t have any other friends and I do love him. So anyhow this crazy muther is telling me that this is a genetic trait. Mind you this is the strain that has been affected and treated for russet mite. That I have seen with 2 eyes on 2 different microscopes. This is the strain out in veg that I have positively identified russet mites on as little as 4 days ago.   Sometimes he almost convinces me that I’m crazy. NO MORE. I have you fine people to either back me up of verify that I am over thinking everything. So has any one seen this leaf style in genetic or when plant is pissed off? I don’t mind being wrong.  As far as what to do about it, too far along to do anything and I am treating everyone else in veg. And keeping chances of cross contamination to min. I even hooked up inline fan to exhaust from drying room Outside my shop entirely. The problem is your only as fast as your slowest team mate. I have to be at or run his entire harvest and he is here with us 3 nights a week for dinner. He is getting mad that I won’t take home any of his stuff to trim and have to decontaminate to what he perceives as ridiculous levels. I must make him see. Driving me BUGGY. THANK YOU ALL.

Also, how long after mixing can Recharge be used? With bubblers, and without? What about temperature of water? What will kill the microbes basically? Thanks you are awesome bastards