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Ok where to start. I’ll give ya the quick clean version. I’m a second generation grower so I always had some good bud so in college I was pretty well liked. I met a girl in my business class that liked to smoke and we dated for around a year. She was one of them girls that got horny when she smoked witch I still don’t understand. It was on spring break she decided to throw a little birthday party for me at her parents house witch was on a huge lake. These ppl had money. Pontoon boats, jetboats, huge house indoor hot tub you name it they had it. Her parents were supposed to be outta town till the next day. We had a great time on the lake and smoked all day. At night we went inside and watched a movie in this movie room and she said she had a gift for me. She asked for weeks before what I wanted and my answer was always the same. To let me in the “back door” so to speak. So I made sure I brought the dankest shit I had that weekend. And sure enough she decided to grant my request. So we start doing our thing and this being new to me it wasn’t the smoothest moment to say the least. After what seemed like a half hour we where getting somewhere. Mind you we are still in the den/living room on the huge fancy WHITE couches they had. So I’m finally feeling a bit confident thinking glad I brought that trainwreck bud….then we hear the door open and shut. We both instantly freeze and then we hear her mother, father and little brother talking in the kitchen. Remember this is my first time going in the “back door” So naturally I panic and pull out as fast as possible….. but what I didn’t know was that doing it that fast caused some other stuff to follow it out….. yea…….so we both managed to scatter up to her room and I hid in the closet. 2 mins later I hear. “WHAT THE F$CK!” and a heated conversation on how there was sh$t all over their airloom handmade 10 thousand dollar couch! So my Girlfriend went down acting like she had no idea what happened and did the First thing that came to mind. Blamed it on the DOG. After hours of hiding i managed to sneak out and make it home. She stopped talking to me like 2 days later. So we go back to college and I see her and ask what the hell happened did you tell them or something? And she starts balling crying. I said what’s wrong? Its not that big of a deal. And she cried out, They Put Kennedy to sleep! Apparently the dog was older and having a few issues nothing crazy just tiny things but I the couch being ruined pushed them over the edge and they killed him. And it still messes me up from time to time thinking about the poor guy. But ill always be thankful to him for making the ultimate sacrifice and taking one for the team. RIP Kennedy ๐Ÿ™