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Hey what’s up DGC?! Hope everything is fan freakin tastic out y’all’s way!! I voted with my dollas as dude always says and added another grow tent set up to my now growing collection. Yea I’m up to 3 tents now 🀣🀣🀣 Β one for veg and one for flower so I can grow perpetually. And now one for Autos. Few months back I decided to try my hand at some autos and see what the fuss is all about so I also thought to myself why not use all the DGC pro coupon codes and save some $$$. So I did just that and I ordered a Gorilla Grow β€œ2×4 shorty” tent. I then ordered 2- Core 85 bars from Rapid LED after seeing Dudes results on Patreon in his 2×4 tent. Figured with running autos 2 off the core 85 bars would be plenty of light and bring the dank and I would have to say it definitely did!! Ran these 2 little ladies in 3 gal pots using Canna-Coco and Pro-Mix CC blended together to make up 80% and then added about 20% worm castings. Canna A&B for steak and potatoes a few times throughout the whole run and of course healthy doses of recharge once a week!! Real Growers Know!! Autos obviously don’t make the fattest harvests ever but I did pull 46 grams off one and 32 off the other in 75 days start to finish. It’s nice to have some fresh frosty buds in between the time my photoperiods are running!! Oh and they smell like the best tasting Tangerine u have ever had in your life!!! 🀀🍊🌴πŸ”₯🌴🍊🀀 Big ups to u guys and keep on keeping on!! PS last pic is of some Lemon Jeffery from Rasta Jeff in week 4 and boy oh boy I’m like a kid in a Candy store waiting for that to finish up. πŸ‹ πŸ‹ πŸ‹