Duds studs Dude and Dudetts, So right now is when all the bugs are finally showing the results of all of their July lovemaking. Obviously, this is scary for us because we are just now starting to flower. Luckily… Our predatory bugs are also on the scene. However, I’m not willing to depend on anyone else. out of fear, I doubled all of my insect netting on all of my greenhouse orifices. Another trick I have been using for years is the same thing that you do on a tree with ants. Tanglefoot. It’s sticky and anything that tries to crawl up. the plant is arrested immediately. The thing about it is that you have to wrap your trunk with something first. I am using construction marking tape. There are many videos probably on YouTube. But one thing that I wanted to remind or say, is that on every steak that’s in the ground you will want to use a gloved hand and give a good twist. This leaves a bout a 5 inch sticky smear to collect critters on also. many years ago, I had root aphids . This is what was recommended down at the grow  store. I have been doing it ever since for the sake of prevention because it is so easy. And one tub of this shit will last you forever. So if you have aphids on your plants definitely do this. If you have ants… Well, they’re probably farming your aphids. In addition to growing your population for you, they fight off predator bugs that come to eat the aphids. They’re complete fucking dicks. here Is a picture of what you would need to do this.