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Hello DGC Team and Community its been awesome watching you guys while I toke up. I have learned a lot from all of you guys but I haven’t seen much information on grow room/tent temp/humidity sampling. I have a 2x4x7 GG tent and I currently have my hygrometer, temp/humidity controller probe, and intake and exhaust fan controller probe centered about 6 inches above my canopy. I have x2 #5 air pots one with a seedsman amnesia auto and the other fast buds gorilla cookies auto. I know cannabis plants have their own microclimates that need to be in check. current temp 84⁰F/75%RH beginning of week 4. I also have 2x Vipraspectra xs1500 lights, a 4 inch Hepa filter on a reducer with a 6″ inline fan for intake and a 6″carbon filter and inline 6″ fan for exhaust as well as x2 exhale c02 bags I run a sealed room and proper room sampling is important to maintain proper VPD. I had some heat issues and from what I can tell I’ve been well within range, my gorilla cookies second set of leaves tacoed a bit so does it matter where we sample our room data?  Any help is appreciated from you guys thanks for the help and time. PS… I bought some recharge I hope that helps my grow!!!