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Hello DGC and crew. I have a grow hack for anyone that needs extra lighting in their tent that doesn’t take up any room at all, utilizing all available grow space, and is relatively cheap in cost. Pictured hanging are worklights from Walmart which were 5$ each and grow bulbs from Home Depot that are 10$ each(Feit White and red spectrum) and the clip on lights are 10$ at Walmart or you can always find used at Goodwill for less than 5$. This method of lighting let’s you raise and lower each individual light, angle them and cover all of the grow area, it is a good lighting source. I’m using a SK CC 100 and those Feit bulbs and am perpetually growing 7 big and tall plants at a time in a 4×4 tent with dense nugs and don’t need to defoliate at all because of good penetration, also the bottom buds are just as big as the top with this method. (Pictured below). Also pictured below is the final product of that bottom bud. Keep smokin and growin DGC.