What up DGC?! Haven’t been happy with my most recent nutrient regimen (Simply Professional), so I have switched over to Roots Organic’s Terp Tea Bloom and Bloom Booster. We run a very short Veg cycle (7-10 days), and with the soil we have been using (Big Rootz) there is no need for Veg nutes as this soil is slap full. So those of you who use RO’s terp teas, what is your feed schedule that you use? Currently I am running a feed day of terp tea bloom with recharge, molasses, and worm castings. A few days later I use Incredible Bulk bloom booster ( 0.1-10-25), two days later just water. Going to be using RO’s terp tea bloom booster instead of Incredible Bulk. My questions for those of you using Terp Teas:

What does your feed schedule look like?

What PPM for the Teas?

Should I pH adjust the tea after brewing, before feeding?

Any tips or things to look out for using these?

Anybody use with Auto Pots?

Appreciate y’all, best community ever! Hopefully somebody is using a regimen similar to mine and has some insight. Thank you to Scotty and Dude for bringing us all together, love it here!