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Hey! I’ve finished probably 50+ grows now. All in soil/peat/coco mixes. I’ve done probably 12 or so organic dry nute runs and have had great results. Gia green and Mother Earth are the two I have had great runs with. Since Gia is a Pain to get here in Massachusetts. (They might carry it now since they expanded to US) I went ahead and got the complete terp tea line. It went terrible. I couldn’t even finish veg! The plants were just absolutely not agreeing with the nutrients. I was running clones of star punch back when I tried it and I was just so disappointed. I had to switch to liquid salts to get them healthy and finish the run. I’m currently in a run with Humboldt county genetics and I have been feeding Mother Earth in veg with all the other basics. (Castings, lime, fungi ect) the plants look fantastic. I really wanna give the terp tea another shot. I don’t have Mother Earth flower nutes and really don’t wanna go from organic to salts. Has anyone else ran into an issue with a certain dry nutrient? Is terp tea not the same type of nutrient as Gia? Or Mother Earth? I know those two are once a month and terp is weekly. I followed everything to a T and just could not get the plants happy. I do have about 30 seeds from a grower in Humboldt so I can mess up I guess I don’t want too but anyone use terp with good results and some tips?? Thanks!