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What’s up DGC? I have been a member for close to a year now, and have learned a great deal from the shows. Thank you all for the great job you do so well. I have been growing autos now for a few years and heard scotty say he’s looking for testers. I would truly enjoy that. I am currently in a 5×5 tent with a new HLG 600r, running 2 strains of autos from Seeds Here Now, 3 gal pots, FFOF soil, FF 3 part nutrients, along with RECHARGE which i need to order more of ,and i put a EXHALE co2 bag in until i can set up my 20lb. tank. Here’s a couple pics of my last autos that were Skunk from SHN and a couple pics from my new grow. I hope all are well, and keep smoking.