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Hey y’all I have done a pollinbang/pollinchuck and see what stuck. I got my DGC alien sour apple and orange gum. I have ran autos and fem but these were my first reg seed so I figured I would make some baby’s for my personal stock and save some money form buying seeds. Now I’m behind on some things and have to grow for grams so I popped my last sweet zombie and took clones. The same time I popped my zombie mother. I popped my mixed seed I make . So I crossed a maleAlien sour apple with alien sour apple, alien orange gum ,and a feminized gg#4xskittels. I did keep the seed separated so now I call them my dgc house special. I popped 9 and 2 were female. They were completely different from each other I didn’t know how tall they would grow so I flowered them in 1 gallon containers. I have to run my sweet zombie clones to get caught back up in my grams department. Overall I’m very happy with my seed stock. My question is should I expect my house special to pop more males than females . And I don’t have space or cash to pop a hundred seeds and hunt for the best mother To clone and flower to see what I got. My next grow I’ll pop 15 dgc house special and than flower to see what I get? Then kill the males and trans the 1 gallon to 5 gallon pots when I see pistols. I know my sweet zombie will show pistols in veg after 4 weeks in veg .no luck with that on my cross and advanced is greatly appreciated. Thanks and love DGC community!